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Mentor a Student

Applications for the 2017-2018 school year are open!

The Cristo Rey Atlanta Mentor Program is a unique volunteer opportunity for individuals who want to use their time and talents to make a real difference in a young person’s life.


Mentors provide meaningful academic and personal guidance to our students through weekly emails and organized school-sponsored activities. We ask Mentors to draw on their experiences as college graduates and corporate professionals to give advice to students who may be the first in their immediate families to go to college or work in a corporate environment.


Cristo Rey Atlanta expects mentors to commit to at least one full school year of service, with the hope that they will continue their relationship with mentees through the students’ high school careers.


Each mentor should email his or her mentee weekly on the student’s Cristo Rey Atlanta email. This is especially important around special occasions such as final exams, first days at Corporate Work Study jobs, and key extracurricular activity dates. 


Mentors are also encouraged to attend school-sponsored extracurricular activities in which their students participate (for example, sporting events, mock trial, concerts, etc.), as well as participate in outside service projects with their mentees, as long as they observe the restrictions outlined below.


Partnership with Pebble Tossers
We are pleased to announce a partnership with Pebble Tossers, an Atlanta-based youth development nonprofit organization. Founded in 2008, PT serves more than 16,000 children and youth annually in metro-area Atlanta. Their mission is to empower and develop youth into responsible citizens and lifelong volunteers. Pebble Tossers promotes service learning and engaging youth in social responsibility by connecting youth and families with age-appropriate service projects. Pebble Tossers also assists schools in planning and coordinating Days of Service and hosting customized youth development workshops and enrichment opportunities.  Providing engaging programs for youth and their families helps develop sustained, strength-building relationships for adolescents. Uniquely, service provides opportunities to take on leadership roles, to problem solve, to cooperate with others, and to be part of solutions in our world. As an established youth organization, this partnership will provide you with opportunities throughout the year to further grow your relationship with your student.


PT will provide Cristo Rey Mentors and Mentees opportunities to attend monthly service projects covering 12 different cause areas from the Arts and Environment to Homelessness to Veterans. Specifically for Cristo Rey, PT will coordinate 2 student and mentor Days of Service.  The Days of Service will be held on campus in the fall and spring. Ideally, we would like Mentors to commit to attending both the days of service and one other “free” project throughout the school year.


The following restrictions are in place to ensure the safety of our students and limit the exposure of our mentors:


  • Mentor and mentee interaction should take place only at school-sponsored events and other public places. If outside of a school-sponsored event, permission from the mentee's parents or guardians is required.
  • Mentors should never drive their students, even to and from school-sponsored events.
  • Mentor and mentees should not interact on social media (i.e., do not friend or follow your mentor/mentee on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).
  • Emails to students should go to their Cristo Rey student email account, never to their personal email addresses.
    Gifts between the mentor and mentee are welcome only at Christmas and birthdays, and are restricted to one book only.
  • Questions regarding health or mental health issues, including suspected abuse, pregnancy, etc., should be referred immediately to Liz Huff, School Counselor. 


How to Apply
First, fill out the Mentor Application and mail to Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School, 222 Piedmont Avenue NE, Atlanta, GA 30308 or submit via email to Bea Varona-Farach.


After your application has been accepted you will be asked to: 


  • Complete your background check through Verified Volunteers or provide us with a current background check verification.
  • Complete the Safe Environment training through VIRTUS Online Training. 


Thank you for your support of our mission and our students.