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Faculty and Staff Directory

Academic Administration
Bush, Dr. Diane - Principal
University of Georgia - B.S.
Georgia State Univ, Mississippi State Univ - M.S.
Liberty University - Ed.S
Liberty University - Ed.D.
Pecot, Marcia - Interim Dean of Students
Xavier University of Louisiana - B.S.
Georgia State University - M.S.
Reed, Colette - Registrar
Kennesaw State University - B.A.
Rivers, Dr. Robert - Academic Dean
Georgia Institute of Technology - B.S.
Saint Meinrad School of Theology - M.A.
Washington Theological Union - D.Min.
Vizcaino, Carlos - Vice Principal
National Polytechnic - B.S.
International University of Andalucia - M.S.
Campus Ministry
Monette, Pierre - Campus Minister
Boston College - B.A.
New England Law Boston - J.D.
Morton, Lauren - Director of Campus Ministry
Emory University - B.A.
The George Washington University - MHSA
Computer Science
Cook, Alean - Computer Science Instructor
New Jersey Institute of Technology - B.A
University of Phoenix - M.S.
Dudek, Casey - Computer Science Instructor
University of Georgia - B.S.Ed
Pendergraph, Andrea - Computer Science Instructor
Mercer University - BBA
Mercer University - MBA
Central Michigan University - M.Ed.
Buckner, Elisa - Director of College Counselor
Hampton University - B.S.
Georgia State University - M.Ed.
Dumas, Kentavius - College Counselor
Bates College - B.A.
Feeney, Mary - Student Success Assistant
Auburn University - B.S.Ed.
University of Georgia - M.Ed.
Gonzales, Dr. James -
Huff, Elizabeth - School Counselor
Oberlin College - B.A.
Cal State Los Angeles - M.S.
Johnson, Alexis - Alumni Coordinator
The Ohio State University - B.S.
McSweeney, Julie - Director of Therapeutic Counseling
Butler University - B.A.
University of West Georgia - M.Ed./Ed.S.
Sampson, Vilma - College Counselor
Florida International University - B.A.
University of Washington - M.A.
Silverio, Kate - Social Worker
Aquinas University - B.A.
University of Georgia - M.S.W.
Davis, Danielle - English Instructor
Marquette University - B.A.
Marquette University - M.A.
National Louis University - M.Ed.
Feldman, Dr. Robert - English Instructor
University of Georgia - B.A.
Washington University, St.Louis - M.A.
Washington University, St.Louis -
Knowles, Babs - AP Capstone
Auburn University - B.A.
Alabama A&M - M.Ed.
Maddalone, Frank - English Instructor
New York University - B.A.
University of Southern California - M.F.A.
Pogue, Tammie - English Instructor
West Georgia College - B.A.
University of Maine - M.A.
Rogers, Paul - English Instructor
University of Virginia - B.A.
Bread Loaf School of English, Middlebury - M.A.
Teachers College Columbia University - M.A.
Foreign Langauge
Moreno-Pazmino, Elizabeth - Spanish Instructor
ESPE Plolythecnic, Ecuador - BBA
Perez, Bibiana - Latin Instructor
Pontifical Gregorian University - B.Phil.
Yale Divinity School - M.Div.
Health Sciences
Isinhue, Daniel - Health Corps
Davidson College - B.S.
Pecot, Marcia - Health Sciences
Xavier University of Louisiana - B.S.
Georgia State University - M.S.
Moller, Hank - Government and Economics
The Ohio State University - B.A.
Xavier University - M.Ed.
Render, Brandon - History Instructor
Georgia State University - B.A.
Georgia State University - M.A.
Beulah Heights University - M.Div.
Straube, Andrew - History Instructor and Athletic Director
Trinity Christian College - B.A.
Walsh, Alicia - History Instructor
University of South Carolina - B.A.
University of South Carolina - M.T.
Cook, Alean - Math Instructor
New Jersey Institute of Technology - B.A
University of Phoenix - M.S.
Darling, Isabell - Math Lab
The Ohio State University - B.A.
Goncalves, Dr. Maria - Math Instructor
Universidade de Minas Gerais, Brazil- B.S.
Universidade de Sao Paulo - M.S.
Universidade de Sao Paulo - PhD
Myers, Anthony - Math Instructor
University of South Carolina - B.S.
University of South Carolina - M.Ed.
Nicholson, Stephen - Math Instructor
Massachusetts Institute of Technology - B.S.
Boston University - M.P.H.
Loyola University Chicago - M.A.
Olshefke, Allison - Math Instructor
University of Notre Dame - B.S.
Religious Studies
Jajeh, Sami - Religious Studies Instructor
U.C. Berkeley - B.A.
UNC Chapel Hill - M.B.A.
Spring Hill College - M.A.
Marsden, Emma - Religious Studies Instructor
University of Dayton - B.A.
McGill, Dr. Alan - Religious Studies Instructor
Mater Dei, Ireland - B.Rel.Sc.
Emory University - M.T.S.
The University of Birmingham - Ph.D.
Schilling, Andrew - Religious Studies Instructor
Georgetown University - B.A.
Adjei-Danquah, Eric - Science Instructor
St. Joseph's University - B.S.
University of Notre Dame - M.Ed.
Brown, Alissa - Science Instructor
New Mexico State University - B.S.
Hinds, Stanmore - AP Science Instructor
Spring Hill College - B.S.
University of Phoenix - M.A.
Munoz, Rosi - Science Instructor
Belmont Abbey College - B.S.
Barker, Joseph - Director of Admissions
Florida A&M - B.S.
McQuilkin, Ana - Admissions Coordinator
Miami Dade Community College - AA
English, Carol - Advancement Manager
William Paterson University - B.S.
Naughton, Camille - VP of Advancement & Corporate Partnerships
Miami University - B.A.
Corporate Work Study
Acevedo, Angela - CWS Operations Manager
Universidad Metropolitano - B.A.
Doyle, Brooks - CWS Relationship Manager
Georgia Institute of Technology - B.A.
McNish, Jo-Ann - CWS Relationship Manager
Georgia State University - B.S.
Naughton, Camille - VP of Advancement & Corporate Partnerships
Miami University - B.A.
O'Shea, David - CWS Relationship Manager
University of Central Lancashire, England - B.A.
Queens Univ. of Charlotte - Teacher Leadership
Powers, Esther - CWS Relationship Manager
University of Alabama - B.S.N.
Shorter University - B.S.
Interdenominational Theological Center - M.Div.
Curvin, Ann - Mentor & Special Projects Coordinator
Indiana University - B.S.
University of Notre Dame - J.D.
Marburger, Melanie - Director of Communications and Special Events
University of Texas at Austin - B.B.A.
Trujillo, Maria - Facilities Management
Deutz, Kristi - Director of Finance
University of Houston - B.S.
Sanchez, Christina - Finance
St. Leo University - B.A.
Food Services
Boddie-Duncan, Julia - Food Services Manager
Kansas State University - BS
Kansas State University - MS
Human Resources
Richardson, Shatavia - Human Resources Manager
Santander, Jorge - IT
Georgia College - B.A.
Mission & Identity
Kenny, Thomas - VP Mission & Identity
Boston College - B.S.
Loyola University Chicago - M.A.
Boston College - M.Div. and S.T.L.
Office of the President
Garrett, Bill - President
Cathedral College - B.A. and M.B.A.
Columbia University - MS
Spring Hill College - M.T.S.
Gentile, Nick - Chief Operating Officer
Vasquez, Isabel - Administrative Assistant
Itohan, Gabrielle - Gym Operations Manager
Kennesaw State University - B.S.
Robinson, Michael - Director, Building Operations
Samaniego, Erika - Records Clerk
Trujillo, Vivian - Receptionist
Gooden, Londreka - Vehicle Operator
Kassa, Selamawit - Vehicle Operator
QuartermanWilliams, Debbie - Vehicle Operator
Upshaw, Patricia - Vehicle Operator