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Strategic Plan

Dear friends of Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School,

In 2014, Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit opened its doors to begin serving economically disadvantaged students, regardless of faith tradition. Drawing on both the Jesuit tradition and the Cristo Rey model, the school set out to provide an exceptional college preparatory education with the unique and powerful compliment of Corporate Work Study. The relevant work experience, combined with exceptional academics creates a phenomenal learning opportunity. Work reinforces the value of what students learn in the classroom and gives them the skills and relationships that will propel them to success in college and beyond.

The Mission of Cristo Rey Atlanta is focused on a single ideal: men and women for and with others. As a school we seek to exemplify this ideal in service to our students, families, and broader community. And by example, we strive to inspire our students to live lives of solidarity and service. Our aim in education is expansive. We desire that our students will live with greater freedom, dignity and opportunity. That they will have choices in life and that they will choose paths that improve our world.

In this Mission, this school does not work alone but in collaboration with many: the Jesuits, the Cristo Rey Network, our Corporate Work Study Partners, the organizations and individuals who give financial and volunteer support, and, of paramount importance, the communities and families to which our students belong. We come together in common concern for our young people, recognizing our shared identity as members of the Metro Atlanta community.

Over 500 stakeholders have contributed to this planning process, including faculty, staff, the Board of Trustees, Corporate Work Study Partners, volunteers, and, of critical importance, students and their families.

Our stakeholders have celebrated the rigorous yet supportive environment at this school, where students not only grow tremendously but also feel known and cared for as individuals. Stakeholders have also noted our exceptional faculty and staff as great strengths. As well as the community partnerships that have made the school viable in these first few years.

Still there is a great deal of work ahead to realize our Mission. Below you will find our 2018 Strategic Plan. It is a living document designed to align our resources and decisions toward a shared vision. We are grateful to all those who contributed to its creation. We rely on God to bless these goals and direct our efforts to achieve them.


Bill Garrett
President, 2013-2020