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Academic Support

Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit is committed to working with all students to ensure that they are prepared for college and challenged to reach their full potential.  We support students who are struggling academically and encourage successful students to achieve even greater things. 

Our academic support consists of three pillars:


Personalized Teaching

Faculty work one-on-one and in small groups with students to support their core classwork and to target specific topic areas where students struggle or have had limited previous exposure.   



Tutors are assigned to specific students and work with them over the course of each semester. Each tutor collaborates with our core faculty, administrators, and other volunteers in order to give the most effective support. 


Guidance Counseling

Cristo Rey Atlanta understands that our students sometimes face enormous challenges unrelated to academics that nevertheless impede their classroom learning and growth. Our school counselors are here to respond to the personal and family needs of each of our students, help them overcome any obstacles, offer support and advice to students, meet with students, parents, and/or faculty and staff to resolve problems and may refer students and families to appropriate agencies for support.