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Financial:  The school is designed for students who desire a quality Catholic college preparatory education but who could not otherwise afford one. Your tax returns and financial documents will be used to prequalify your student as the first criteria for admission.


Age:  Students must be 14 years old by September 1 of the year they enroll.


Academic:  Students must have good attendance and discipline records at their current school.  Students must be willing to work hard to achieve the high academic expectations and the work obligations of the school.   Students can expect 2-3 hours of homework each day.


Employability:  Students must possess the maturity and work ethic necessary to be successful in an office environment working with adults.  All students must also be able to present legal verification of their citizenship or residence and have a social security number.


Desire and Dedication:  The most important quality a student can bring to Cristo Rey is the desire and dedication to work hard both in school and on the job.


Does my financial information need to be submitted with the application?

Yes, all students must be prequalified financially in order to continue the admissions process.  If you submit the application online and are not able to upload your financial documents, you may bring them to Cristo Rey the next day.  Please refer to the How to Apply tab.


Do you need to be Catholic to apply?

No, we welcome students of all faiths and denominations, as well as those of no faith background at all.  The school is open to all interested candidates and religious preference is not a factor in the admissions process.  However, Cristo Rey is a Catholic institution and a four-year curriculum in religious studies is a requirement for graduation.  In addition, regular liturgical celebrations, Christian Service Projects, and spiritual retreats are an important component of our students’ education.


Do you admit students in all grade levels?

We do not accept transfer students at this time.  Exceptions to this rule are considered for students in good academic and disciplinary standing who are transferring from another Cristo Rey High School.  Applications from local current 9th grade students will be considered if the student is willing to repeat the 9th grade at Cristo Rey.


Does the student have to be immunized?

Yes, all Cristo Rey students must be up to date on their immunizations and provide a Georgia Certificate of Immunization Form 3231.  Religious exemptions are not accepted.  Medical exemptions are only allowed if a student is in process of completing required immunizations.


Is there an Entrance Exam?

Yes, we require that all students take our Entrance Exam, unless they are taking the SSAT for another private school. Once your student is prequalified financially by Cristo Rey, the Admissions Office will contact you to register your student for the Exam.   Our exam is offered free of charge at Cristo Rey on December 1, 2018,  February 2, 2019 or March 9, 2019.  The SSAT is offered at other private schools and does charge a fee; however; you can request they send the scores to Cristo Rey in lieu of taking our exam.


Is it required to attend an Open House?

It is not required but we strongly encourage all prospective students and parents to attend.  This is a wonderful opportunity to meet our Principal, Faculty and students, learn about our academic program and work study program, and take a tour of the school.  Please refer to the Attend an Open House tab.


Can Cristo Rey provide accommodations for IEP, 504’s or ESOL students?

Cristo Rey has limited ability to offer services for students with academic special needs.  However, all applicant files are reviewed on a case by case basis to determine if we have the capacity to serve the student.


Who is responsible for getting the school documents to Cristo Rey?

The parent is responsible for submitting the Request for Records and Teacher Evaluation Forms to the student’s current school.  The school will then forward those items to Cristo Rey.  Parents should follow up with Cristo Rey to make sure all documents have been received. Admissions Committee will not review a file unless we have received all documents.


What kind of classes do the students attend?

Our students receive a high quality, rigorous college preparatory education.  We provide a standards based curriculum developed in collaboration with the Cristo Rey Network that includes 4 units of Math, English, Science, and Religious Studies as well as Social Studies, Health Science, Language and a course in Test Preparation.  We also have volunteer tutors available during school hours to help support our students.


Do you offer Honors or AP level courses?

Yes, as students reach their sophomore year, they will be permitted to apply to Honors level courses.  Students are required to take at least one AP level course in their junior and senior year and may also choose Honors level courses.


What is the average contribution paid by the family?

Because the majority of a student’s tuition is financed through the Corporate Work Study Program, families are expected to contribute a monthly tuition ranging from $25 to $250 per month.  All families are required to complete a financial aid form.  The actual amount of financial aid given will be determined based on a family’s need.



Corporate Work Study

Does every student have to work in order to attend the school?

Yes, participation in our Corporate Work Study Program is mandatory for every student.  All students work five full days a month during the school year where they obtain invaluable hands-on experience while also covering the majority of the cost of their education.


Do students choose their own jobs?

Students are interviewed as a precondition for admission and evaluated during the Business Training Institute in their first year.  Their interests and skills are taken into consideration when jobs are assigned, but ultimately the Corporate Work Study Department determines which job placement will be most appropriate for each student on an annual basis.


How will my student get to their job?

Cristo Rey arranges transportation of students from school to their work study jobs.  They will travel via Marta, school bus or on foot.




Where is Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School located?

Cristo Rey is located in Downtown Atlanta at 222 Piedmont Avenue, NE, Atlanta, GA 30308.  We are accessible by the Peachtree Center MARTA Station. For directions, please click here


Is there a uniform?

Yes, all students are required to report to school each day in the appropriate uniform.  While the cost of the uniform is assumed by the family, families who need help with this obligation should contact the school to arrange assistance.


How long is the school day?

Students attend class from 7:25 am to 4:00 pm.


How many students attend Cristo Rey?

There are 538 students in grades 9-12.  


What is the ethnic composition of the students attending Cristo Rey?

Our student body is 58% Hispanic, 38% African-American and 4% other.


Is Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School accredited?

Yes, we are dually accredited by the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS) in April 2017, and AdvancED in November 2017. 

Are there extra-curricular activities and sports?

Yes, Cristo Rey currently fields several athletic teams and extracurricular activities.  We are part of GISA, Georgia Independent School Association.  Other clubs and activities will be offered on the basis of student interest and the availability of moderators.  However, while we are very proud and supportive of our students’ extracurricular efforts, it is essential to understand that academics and work always come first.  Student’s first commitment on the days they work is to their job, and they may not miss work to participate in sporting events or other activities.  Likewise, students who are struggling academically will be placed in tutoring and may be ineligible for extracurricular opportunities until they improve their academic performance.


Does Cristo Rey provide transportation for the students?

Cristo Rey does not provide transportation to and from school.  Parents are responsible for transportation to and from school.  Students may also ride MARTA and may purchase discounted MARTA cards at our school.  While this may be a new concept for many parents, currently 70% of our students ride MARTA and often with a fellow student. 


Is the school calendar the same as Atlanta Public Schools and/or other Catholic schools?

While efforts are made to align the calendar with traditional school calendars, the primary influence on the calendar is our students’ commitment to their corporate jobs and their need for instructional time.  In addition, Freshmen Academy and Business Training Institute is a two-week mandatory requirement (July 27 - August 7, 2020) for all freshmen. Because of our Corporate Work Study Program and our students’ need for quality instructional time, our school year is slightly longer, as is our school day.


How do I find out more information?

For questions regarding Academics, please contact Diane Bush at


For questions regarding Admissions, please contact Joe Barker at or the Admissions department at Or call Admissions at 404-637-2815.


For questions regarding Corporate Work Study, please contact Camille Naughton at