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Although academics and work always come first at Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School, we believe in the power of organized sports to teach students the value of teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship. We are a member of GISA, Georgia Independent School Association.


Hybrid Learning Protocols due to COVID-19 Mitigation Procedures

If a student elects to continue virtual learning, the student is not eligible to participate in winter sports.


  • Only in-season sports will be permitted to practice and compete at this time.
  • Winter sports will be offered at the discretion of the coach.
  • Practices will start no earlier than 3:00 pm to allow Blue day students time to complete class and travel to school on Gold days and vice-versa.
  • Students arriving only for practice should enter through the main gym entrance from the parking garage and will have their temperature taken upon arrival.
  • Students not on campus for school should arrive dressed and ready for practice.
  • Students on campus for school can store their belongings in the locker room, however, only 3 athletes will be permitted inside at a time.
  • Prior to the beginning of practice, all gear should be removed from locker rooms and stored separately in the gym.
  • Student-athletes must have a water bottle as the water fountains will be closed. The refill station will be available to use.
  • No parents or spectators allowed in the gym before, during, or after practice.
  • Masks during practice and competition will be optional for athletes.


Basketball Home Games

  • Only family members of the student-athlete on a team that is competing that day will be allowed to attend.
  • Masks are required for fans and temperatures will be taken at the entrance.
  • The concession stand will not be available.
  • Each family is asked to socially distance themselves 6ft. from other families.
  • Please do not make your way onto the court before, during, or after the game. We will not be allowing spectators to shoot basketballs at halftime.


Basketball Away Games

  • Teams will travel with 14 students or less including players and managers.
  • No more than 7 passengers on each bus.
  • If your student is off-campus on a game day, you are permitted to bring the student directly to the game instead of to Cristo Rey to catch the team bus. This must be communicated with the coach in advance.
  • The student-athlete must arrive dressed in the game uniform by the time designated by the coach, or the coach has the discretion to not allow the student on the bench.
  • Please be aware, some schools are not allowing spectators into their games.


Parents will be required to sign a waiver stating that they understand there is an increased risk that their student could contract COVID-19 if choosing to participate in athletics.


Concussion Protocol

Cristo Rey Atlanta strives to provide support and care to our athletes in the event an athlete sustains a concussion. It is always advisable and strongly encouraged that the athlete sees a physician for full assessment and treatment of his/her injury. Cristo Rey Atlanta follows the GISA Concussion Management and Return to Play Policy and recommends the Guidelines for Concussion Management set forth by the National Federation of State High School Associations.


Concussion Awareness Form and GISA Concussion Policy

NFHS Concussion Management Guidelines


Cristo Rey Atlanta  team sports

Fall Sports:

Boys/Girls Cross Country

Girls Volleyball

Tae Kwon Do


Winter Sports:

Boys Basketball

Girls Basketball


Tae Kwon Do


Spring Sports:

Boys Soccer

Girls Soccer

Boys Baseball

Tae Kwon Do


2020-2021 Varsity Basketball Schedule


Nov 16                  @Marist School – SCRIMMAGE                              B    6:30

Nov 23                  @ St. Pius                                                                G/B  5:00/7:00

Jan 5                      vs. Atlanta Jewish Academy                                 G/B  5:00/6:30

Jan 8                      @ Notre Dame Academy                                        B    6:00

Jan 11                    vs. Lakeside High School                                        B    5:30

Jan 12                    @ Holy Spirit Prep                                                 G/B  6:00/7:30

Jan 15                    @ Creekside Christian                                          G/B  6:00/7:30

Jan 22                    @ Dominion Christian                                          G/B  6:00/7:30

Jan 26                    vs. Notre Dame Academy                                       B   5:00

Jan 28                    @ Atlanta Jewish Academy                                  G/B  5:00/6:30

Jan 29                    vs. Holy Spirit Prep                                               G/B   5:00/6:30

Feb 2                     vs. Creekside Christian                                         G/B  5:00/6:30

Feb 9                     vs. Dominion Christian                                         G/B  5:00/6:30

Feb 11                   vs. Atlanta Classical                                               G/B  5:00/6:30

Feb 16-19             Region Tournament @ Dominion Christian           TBD

Feb 23-24             State Tournament – Round 1                                   TBD

Feb 26-27             State Quarterfinals                                                     TBD

Mar 3-6                 State Final 4                                                                 TBD


*Schedule is subject to change
*Due to COVID-19, only the student-athlete’s family members will be allowed to attend home games, and masks are required at all times.
*Rules for attendance at away games will be communicated by coaches closer to game dates.


 Any questions please contact Jaclissa Haislip, Athletic Director, at