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Being Jesuit

Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School is one of more than sixty Jesuit high schools in the United States, 12 of which are Cristo Rey schools. We are part of a more than 450 year tradition of Jesuit education that began in 1558 with the founding of the Jesuit college at Messina, Sicily, a tradition that now encompasses thousands of schools—middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities, and the Fey y Alegría schools. 


Being Jesuit is a constituent part of our identity, and to understand us it may be helpful to understand
a little about the Society of Jesus.


About the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits)             The Official Web Page of the Society of Jesus


About Jesuit Education in the United States


Interested in Joining the Jesuits?


Colleges and Universities that Are Pledged to Support Cristo Rey Graduates


Some Interesting Sites on Jesuit and Ignatian Principles and Spirituality


A Few Sites that May Be Helpful for Prayer