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Message from the Directors of Campus Ministry

As a Jesuit institution, Cristo Rey takes the idea of cura personalis, to heart. A tenant of Ignatian Spirituality, cura personalis, means “care for the entire person.” In other words, we pay attention to our students’ hearts, minds, and souls. While of course, Campus Ministry works to help students grow intellectually and emotionally, we also pay special attention to the care and development of our students’ souls. Campus Ministry seeks to create opportunities for students to experience spiritual growth, or in short, to become closer to God.  We strive to form ‘men and women for and with others’. Students who express a concern for the world beyond themselves by regularly working and praying for and with others.


Campus ministers offer pastoral care and guidance, coordinate spiritual retreats and service projects, and look to cultivate a commitment to social justice in our students, encouraging and guiding them to live out their faith through participation in the community. Furthermore, we help to empower students to truly participate in prayer, the mass, and the sacraments in meaningful and deeper ways.


While some initiatives will be organized by the campus ministers, our program seeks student leadership and input, as we believe students have much to offer our community and can help each other to grow in Christ’s love.


Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School, like all Cristo Rey Network schools, is Catholic in mission and enjoys Church approval. However, Cristo Rey Atlanta welcomes students of all faiths and denominations.


Our Campus Ministry program expresses the Catholic spirit of our school through a variety of initiatives.