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Ways to Support


"I'll find a way or make it."


This is the sentiment of each and every one of our 550 students, 355 alumni, and dedicated faculty and staff.  Since March, our community has had to "find a way" through challenging circumstances - learning and working remotely, persevering through illness, taking on extra jobs to help make ends meet. Throughout these difficult times, our students and families have given their all to "find a way or make it," and their resilience is an inspiration.



Our mission has never been more relevant than it is today!


Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School (CRAJ) is launching the Resilience Fund to address the school's impending financial challenges and secure our students' dreams promised when the school opened its doors in 2014. We refuse to allow our students, already facing so many obstacles, to lose the opportunity they so richly deserve. The resilience demonstrated by our students daily in the classroom, in the workplace, and in society shall serve as CRAJ’s inspiration to meet the challenging years ahead. The resilience of CRAJ is imperative.



Immediate need for an extraordinary purpose.


By supporting the $5M Resilience Fund, you will help ensure CRAJ's ability to successfully operate through the 2021-22 school year. Because the school’s innovative revenue model leverages corporate support to fund most of its operating budget, its long-term viability remains strong. When a global pandemic hits though, the school must proactively secure gap funding to cover what its corporate partners cannot for the next few years. Support of the Resilience Fund will help to protect CRAJ from  becoming another casualty of the global pandemic and secure the tremendous investment our many benefactors, foundations, corporations, and the greater Atlanta community have made in the school since its inception. The Resilience Fund will ensure that Cristo Rey Jesuit Atlanta High School is positioned to withstand the crisis and continue to fulfill its mission for today's students and future generations. Please consider supporting this effort to provide economic security for the next two academic years while the school faces an extraordinary funding shortfall created by COVID-19.