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FAQ's for Job Partners

        1.  How does the Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) work?
          The CWSP is a separately incorporated entity that functions as a temporary employment agency within Cristo Rey Atlanta. For a competitive annual fee, Job Partners contract with the CWSP to receive one full-time Work Study Team of 4 students for a contract period that spans approximately nine months, from early September to the end of May. Students are employees of the CWSP, not of the Job Partners.
          For the CWS Partners Handbook, click here.  For the CWS calendar, click here.
        2. What are the advantages of hiring a Cristo Rey Atlanta student?
          The CWSP is a cost-effective solution for businesses that need entry-level clerical help. Since students are employed by the Work Study Program, businesses save time on paperwork and save money on taxes, health benefits, and other expenditures. Employing Cristo Rey Atlanta students also boosts employee diversity, supports the local community and helps build Atlanta’s future workforce.

        3. What is the annual fee?
          Job Partners pay a flat fee of $35,000 per year directly to the Cristo Rey Atlanta CWSP office for each team of 4 students, which covers one full-time entry-level position. The Job Partner is not responsible for any additional expenses (payroll taxes, benefits, etc.).

        4. What kind of work can students perform?
          Students generally perform entry-level clerical work. They answer telephones, maintain files, sort and deliver mail, scan and fax documents, perform data entry, and create documents with Microsoft Office. Some of our students are bilingual, and may be able to help with translation.

        5. How are students prepared for their Work Study jobs?
          All incoming freshmen attend a rigorous five-week summer Business Training Institute (BTI) before beginning their first corporate work assignment. Returning students attend an intensive three-week refresher course at the beginning of the school year. Students also receive ongoing feedback and training from employers and the CWSP staff throughout the school year.

        6. How large does a Job Partner organization need to be to participate?
          Job Partner organizations range in size from small offices to large multi-national corporations.

        7. What responsibilities do Job Partners have?
          Job Partners have the following responsibilities:
          Provide a positive working environment for each student, with clear instructions and regular feedback.
          Assign an on-site supervisor who believes in the program to oversee the students.
          Identify meaningful work for the students and explain to them the importance of their role.

        8. What are the expectations of students in the Work Study Program?
          Students are expected to meet or exceed the level of professionalism and dedication demanded of their adult colleagues at the work place.

        9. How do students get to work each week?
          Cristo Rey Atlanta provides transportation for students to and from their job placements.

        10. Who supervises the students at work?
          An on-site supervisor at the Job Partner will guide and support students at work. Cristo Rey Atlanta CWSP staff will coordinate with on-site supervisors to provide the necessary guidance, training, and care that students need to succeed in the workplace.

        11. How are worker issues or disciplinary actions handled?
          We ask that companies work through on-site supervisors and the Cristo Rey Atlanta CWSP office to resolve issues with students. Although it rarely happens, a student can be re-assigned if necessary, and another student will take his or her place.

        12. Are there any labor issues with hiring children under 16?
          Cristo Rey Atlanta has a special provision from the U.S. Department of Labor which allows the school’s CWSP to employ children 14 years and older. Annually, the Cristo Rey Network renews this special provision for all Cristo Rey schools.

        13. Is it possible to hire the students for school breaks?
          Yes, it is possible to hire the students during certain school breaks. Since the CWSP operates like a staffing agency, it handles all student payments, including payments they receive for extra work. School break or summer employment can be arranged through the CWSP office, and the earnings from students' work over school breaks goes to the students, not the school.

        14. What if a business is interested in the program but does not have a need for entry-level clerical help?

          If a business does not have appropriate entry-level clerical work, there are opportunities for individuals or corporations to sponsor students to work in a not-for-profit organization.

        15. How do we get started?

          Please contact Angela Acevedo, Director of Corporate Work Study at (404) 637-2879 or